Property development is a great way to maximise your return on investment, there is a lot to organise and manage to ensure a good return. At Builderwest we pride ourselves on our 20 years of experience in project management, design and construction that has provided our clients with their investment properties.

Builderwest provides a comprehensive service for anyone looking to develop property. Regardless of the size of the project, we offer services to manage every aspect of the project, including sourcing land, architectural design, construction and assistance with sales.


Apartments and Mixed-Use Developments

Apartments and mixed-use developments are an alternative way to invest or own real-estate in Perth. They consistently yield strong returns, regardless of whether you choose to sell or rent. Demand for apartment-style living is on the rise in Perth and is a great investment opportunity.


Town Houses / Triplex / Duplex / House behind a House

With local government zoning by-laws changing to allow for densification and urban infill, subdividing large blocks and building town houses, triplexes and duplexes on the smaller blocks is becoming an increasingly wise investment option. Furthermore, if you have the space behind an existing house, subdividing your block and building a house on the new subdivision is a great way to add value to your property.


Renovations / Upgrades / Additions

Not yet ready to make the commitment for a new development?  We’ll work with you to renovate your existing property to maximise its value. Add a room or add a second storey floor, add rooms behind your existing house or at the front.  Adding a new facade, or a new family room is a great way to add value to your property.  Keep the same style or modernise. We’ll help and advise you all the way.


Commercial Services

Builderwest have completed many commercial projects for Woolworths and their subsidiary companies including BWS. From minor repairs, to major building works, Builderwest is experienced and skilled in the successful completion of commercial building and construction projects.


Commercial Fit-outs

Our shop fitting installation, maintenance and management services have also been utilised by large commercial entities. Our experience and expertise ensures the successful delivery of projects across many commercial industry sectors.